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Meet Tanya Jones

Tanya Jones

Naturopath and Digestive Health Specialist

Get to know Tanya Jones, a qualified Naturopath and Digestive Health Specialist who joined the Unwind Health team in 2016 as a receptionist before starting her own Naturopathic practice in 2018.

Tanya holds an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and has a passion for working with digestive health and understanding how gut health impacts all autoimmune conditions. She believes that good gut health is essential for managing many health concerns, and has learned to thrive with her own digestive autoimmune condition since the age of 20.

Helping Patients Heal

Tanya works with clients on a variety of health concerns, including joint pain, skin conditions, low immune function, headaches and migraines, period and reproductive problems, thyroid and hormonal imbalances. She brings a different level of care and expertise to digestive health and autoimmune conditions, guiding her clients through manageable steps for lifelong change.

Get Started Today

Tanya works exclusively through online consultations, allowing her greater flexibility to support her clients wherever they are. To book an appointment or have a free 15 minute discovery call, visit the following link:


Tanya Jones | (02) 8544 8234