Functional Nutrition

Discover a whole new way of finding excellent health, with an approach that uses your own body to fight illness and heal itself, naturally at Unwind Health Miranda.

A taste of your own medicine

Functional Nutrition allows you to help your body heal itself of disease and illness, through drug-free relief from your symptoms while looking at any underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your health concerns.

This is one discipline where we need YOU to make it happen! It’s your body and you work alongside our Unwind team to bring about changes that will give you a healthier, happier and longer life.

To improve your health, our Functional Nutrition may look to some of the following treatments:

  • dietary changes (for example, eating more whole and unprocessed foods)
  • vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements
  • herbal medicine
  • counselling and education on lifestyle changes
  • environmental changes
  • homoeopathy
  • flower essences
  • massage
  • exercise therapy
  • energy balancing
  • emotional balancing
  • mind-body therapy (such as yoga, meditation and other relaxation therapies)

There are two different types of treatment plans that may be offered in your consultation depending on your presenting health condition.

A Symptomatic Care treatment plan supports your body whilst assisting to relieve your symptoms. This can be all that is needed to give you lasting relief from your condition and to bring back balance and health to your body.

A Corrective Care treatment plan is needed in more serious and long standing health complaints. This treatment plan digs deeper and identifies what is driving your health condition and then assists your body in repairing the damage which is causing your disease or health complaint.
Additional questionnaires and specific testing such as live blood analysis are usually required in your personalised corrective care treatment plan.

We will lead you on your journey to better health.

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