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Posture Relief

curved spine overlay on backHaving good posture goes beyond just looking poised and confident. It plays a crucial role in the health and functionality of your spine and nervous system. Poor posture can lead to various issues, including degeneration, kyphosis, and increased lordosis. These conditions can put pressure on nerves, causing discomfort and irritation.


How Chiropractic May Help

As chiropractors, our primary focus is to help improve your posture. We aim to relieve pressure on your spine through adjustments and rehabilitation, allowing you to stand taller and more comfortably. When a joint is locked, it forces your entire spine to hunch, making it challenging to maintain proper posture. However, after receiving an adjustment that restores movement to the joint, you’ll find it easier to stand up straight without exerting as much effort.

Addressing poor posture is especially important because it is often a common complaint associated with spinal pain. By alleviating pain and improving posture, we aim to help you function better and prevent recurring issues.

Ergonomic Tips for Relief

To promote better posture, it is crucial to prioritise proper ergonomics and make simple adjustments to your workspace. Here are some tips to help you set up a more ergonomic work environment at home:

  • Use a proper table and chair: Avoid working from couches or beds. Invest in a desk and chair that provide adequate support and promote good posture.
  • Adjust monitor height: Position your computer monitor at eye level to keep your head in a neutral position, reducing strain on your neck.
  • Take regular breaks: Schedule short breaks every 40 minutes to an hour. During these breaks, stretch, move around, or grab a cup of coffee to give your body a break from prolonged sitting.
  • Stretch and use a foam roller: At the end of the day, engage in stretching exercises and use a foam roller to alleviate tension and restore flexibility.
  • Stay active: Incorporate more movement into your daily routine. Go for a walk or engage in light exercise to keep your spine mobile and reduce the risk of pain.

Take Charge of Your Posture and Overall Health

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