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Functional Orthotics in Miranda

At Unwind Health, we are committed to providing our patients the holistic, well-rounded approach to care they need to achieve their maximum health potential. With decades of experience, we provide customised care plans tailored to your specific needs and goals.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we offer a range of therapeutic services to augment your healing. Functional orthotics prescriptions are one such service.

What Are Functional Orthotics?

Functional orthotics are inserts that fit into your regular shoes to help support your feet in the optimal position, creating a more stable base for your entire skeletal structure. If the muscles in your feet don’t work optimally to establish a balanced foundation, your posture and movement patterns can be negatively impacted, resulting in pain and mobility issues.

These shoe inserts assist in restoring proper posture by helping your feet support your body in the ideal position.
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What to Expect

If your chiropractor thinks functional orthotics may benefit you, we will do muscle testing of your quadriceps muscles. This testing allows us to assess how stable your base “platform” is and how stable you are in your posture.

If the testing indicates that your foundation is in need of additional support, we will recommend these custom foot forms. We’ll take precise measurements of your feet and send them to the manufacturer, who will fabricate orthotics to your specifications.

How They Help

There are many tiny muscles in your feet that affect balance and posture, and functional orthotics are designed to stimulate these muscles. This creates a chain reaction: when the muscles in your feet are activated, it alters the alignment of your body, triggers the muscles in your core (abdomen and lower back) and stimulates the brain’s response to change your posture from the feet up.

We offer these custom shoe inserts as an adjunct to your chiropractic care. Your adjustments help to restore proper biomechanics to the body, but if the base is not balanced, your body won’t be able to hold the adjustments for very long. Functional orthotics create a stable base and help restore proper posture, but they can’t restore movement to joints that are stuck.

Working together, chiropractic and functional orthotics can provide the comprehensive approach needed to help get your biomechanics back on track and keep you in an aligned and balanced state that allows for optimal mobility.

Learn More Today

Contact us today to find out how custom functional orthotics may help restore optimal posture and a stable foundation to help you maximise your health.


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