All things Mattress and Sleep!

A mattress in an integral part of your health and wellbeing and one third of your life is spent in bed! It is of utmost importance that you acquire the correct mattress to enable your body to function at its optimal. Buying a mattress can be a minefield but here a few hints and tips to help wade your way through:

A mattress should support your spine in neutral posture, our spines have 3 curves and these need to be supported as you sleep. Hips and shoulders are the heaviest parts of your body and thus they need to be supported correctly.

Mattresses are made from a variety of materials all working together. There are foams and there are foams just like there are cars and there are Ferraris! Often memory foam will feel so nice when you lie on it in the shop but beware it looses its support quite quickly, it is very heat generating and its rebound is affected when it gets hot! Latex on the other hand is much more breathable and supports you 100% of the time, plus it is a natural product.

At Unwind we recommend individualised pocket springs and were possible natural latex foams. Pocket springs are smaller in diameter and there are more springs per surface area of the body, therefore better support. They also aid in decreasing partner disturbance.

Your sleep posture affects the way your mattress performs also. If you sleep on your back the arch of your back needs to be in full contact with the mattress and if you sleep on your side your spine needs to remain parallel to the floor, like we discussed in our previous blog! (Refer back to our last post to refresh)

The density or firmness of the mattress is determined by your postural requirements mostly, it is not all about comfort. If your spine is in neutral then the comfort will be there. The most common mistake in making a mattress purchase is buying for comfort, and it can be a costly mistake!

For best results your mattress needs to be on a solid base, slats are ok as long as they are not sprung, and less then 20cm apart.

It is also worth noting the density of your mattress, as it will determine the height and the size of your pillow. If you are waking with pain in the neck then chances are your pillow and mattress aren’t working correctly together. Your head needs to remain in line with your body and parallel to the floor as well.

If you have any questions or queries in regard to this then do not hesitate to ask us at Unwind. How much is your sleep worth to you?