Chiropractic Care

When we cut ourselves, we heal. There is no conscious effort from us instructing our body to do what it does. When we get a virus, our body brings on a fever to create an environment that the virus cannot survive in. This is part of our body’s innate intelligence, our capacity to heal, coordinate and regulate itself.

This is where the philosophy of Chiropractic begins and it stretches as far back as 460BC with Hippocrates ‘The father of Greek medicine’ and Galen in 130AD ‘The greatest physician of ancient Rome’.

Palmer (1845-1913) took the philosophy further leading to a focus of the spinal column and its functioning. His teachings include the theory that irregular spinal function has a follow-on effect to the nervous system influencing reduced health and performance. By detecting and correcting interferences of the nervous system, chiropractic treatment returns a clear path for the body’s innate intelligence.

The nervous system is made up with the brain, spinal cord and nerves. The spinal cord and nerves are protected by the bony vertebrae and discs that make up the spine. Impulses travel through the nervous system by way of the nerves and spinal cord delivering information from the environment inside the body as well as the environment around us. An interference in these signals occurs when there is a misalignment in the spinal joints which can reduce the way the body functions. These are called subluxations. Pain may be experienced from a subluxation or they may go un-noticed instead showing as seeming unrelated symptoms. A chronic subluxation can lead to permanent degeneration of the spine.

As a patient of Unwind health, your initial consultation will guide you through a detailed health history. This will provide your chiropractor a thorough understanding of current concerns, past traumas, previous and current health care and lifestyle factors. They will spend time doing neurological and orthopaedic testing and assessing for subluxation with examination of the spine. X-rays may also be required which provides information about the condition and alignment of your spine and investigates if there is any underlying disease. This initial process into your care provides our chiropractors the ability to formulate an individualised care plan suited to your health needs.


By Tanya Jones