Tanya Jones, naturopath at Unwind Health in Miranda.

Tanya Jones

Adv. Dip. Naturopathy


Tanya began working at Unwind Health in January 2016 as a receptionist and became our Naturopathic Practitioner in March 2018.

Tanya can work with you on a variety of health concerns including auto-immune conditions, digestive problems, skin conditions, period and reproductive problems, thyroid and hormonal imbalances. In particular, Tanya is interested in looking after those of us that could be classed at the ‘tired and wired’. Chronic stress levels are having a big influence on our health. Many of us are feeling more exhausted through the day and then unable to sleep at night. It’s more common and often leads to sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression or other chronic autoimmune conditions.

Using the principle of Naturopathic medicine Tanya will work to find any underlying cause or imbalances in your body and create an individualised treatment plan to bring you back to health and vitality. After taking a detailed health history Tanya will work with you using a variety or treatments including herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, flower essences, mineral therapies and empowering you to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes to lead you towards your optimal health goals.

Tanya enjoys spending time in the kitchen creating healthy treats and with her husband and 2 gorgeous girls. She love’s learning and sharing all things health and wellness in order to help herself and others to feel as fabulous as possible.