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Sarah Folwell

Dip. H.Sc (Massage), B. H.Sc TCM (UTS), Cert. TCM (Beijing)

Massage Therapy & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural therapies have always been a part of Sarah’s life. Growing up with a mother who is an amazing Massage Therapist exposed her from a young age to the wonders and benefits of various types of treatments. Inspired, after finishing school, Sarah completed her Diploma of Health Science (Massage Therapy), and then went on to study a Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine) including an internship in Beijing.

Sarah finds the combination of Science and Philosophy that comprises Health/Wellness fascinating, and tries to incorporate these concepts into her own (and her family’s) daily life.

Since graduating from her first Massage course in 2000 Sarah has maintained a busy and successful practice, both alongside other practitioners and privately. During this time she has consistently achieved measurable positive results for my clients.

Sarah thoroughly enjoys her work, and is genuinely passionate about supporting her clients on their journey.  As your therapist, her aim is to help you fulfil your potential.

Why not let her skills and dedication benefit you?