Rebuild your body and your confidence with Unwind rehabilitation services from our qualified professionals, using expert equipment and proven techniques.

Building Better Bodies

Any level and any age group can benefit from our professional and thorough rehabilitation services at Unwind Health. The core focus is on getting your body functioning at its best and maintaining that level of health. And we will show you how.
This is definitely one ‘rehab’ you will want to check in to! At Unwind, we use a variety of techniques and products designed to have you functioning at your very best and staying that way. While everybody can benefit, we understand that ‘every body’ is different – which is why we individually tailor a program for your needs, age and level of care.

Our rehabilitation includes:

  • body weight exercises,
  • personal training,
  • swiss ball,
  • wobble boards,
  • balance beams,
  • theraband exercises,
  • yoga,
  • kinesio-taping,
  • other taping techniques,
  • postural bracing
  • postural correction (to improve spinal curves).

Working together with our experienced practitioners, you will begin to see the benefits immediately.

We will lead you on your journey to better health.

Unwind Health. Two words, one goal: complete, optimum health for all.
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Call now.

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