Christine Gilfeather-Bracken, masseuse at Unwind Health in Miranda.


Diploma of Remedial Massage (Dip R.M)
Massage Therapist

Christine Gilfeather-Bracken is a Masseuse and the Proprietor of Southern Sports & Health Massage and enjoys working with the amazing and fantastic practitioners at Unwind Health.

Christine is passionate about the truth of the body. What the body is doing, or not doing, for real! The real truth and what can be done about it. She believes it is each person’s responsibility to do everything they can for their amazing body to truly thrive, which includes making good lifestyle choices and finding the right health practitioners to create a foundation for a wonderful healthy life.

Working with people to get to the core of why their body may not be functioning at its best and to encourage great health to thrive, that’s what Christine is passionate about.